Anders Abraham

A New Nature

9 Architectural Conditions Between Liquid and Solid

A New Nature is a book about architecture as the organization of material. It unfolds an idea of working with architecture and urbanity as conditions rather than form. By experiencing cities and cultural landscapes as states of change, the author investigates their degree of organization between order and chaos: “When we design and build buildings, naturally, we need to enter into an already existing context. Even so, many houses simply stand alone side by side, rather than identifying themselves with and becoming a part of the urbanity that connects and creates cohesion in the culturally created – the new nature.”

The first part of the book develops an architectural language that connects material and meaning through nine states between liquid and solid, in order to achieve a qualified and sustainable approach to understanding the modern city in its continuous transformation. The book’s second part documents a number of project proposals and realized works that illustrate the usage of this architectural idiom. Including precise drawings and models, A New Nature introduces a new kind of spatial investigation.

Author(s): Anders Abraham
Design: Jeanne Betak

23 x 28 cm, 9 x 11 in
600 pages, 574 illustrations
2015, 978-3-03778-482-2, English
52,00 €
65,00 €