Snøhetta Works

Snøhetta is a leading team of architects with offices in Oslo and New York. This first-ever publication to document their work presents the most important projects of these architects, who have been active internationally for fifteen years. These projects include the Library of Alexandria (2002), the New Opera House in Oslo (2008), and the Gateway Project in Ras Al-Khaimah, Dubai (2011), and the National September 11 Memorial Museum Pavilion. Snøhetta’s works and projects revolve around a collaboration and interchange between various disciplines. Each of their projects is freshly observed and discussed according to the fundamental aspects of site, landscape, and context, in order to enable solutions to be discovered and developed. In this interweaving of disciplines Snøhetta involves locally and internationally renowned artists in the development of their projects. Working together with artists early on is also an expression of the curiosity and creative openness on the part of this internationally successful office, which is respected for its progressive working conidtions.

Edited by Snøhetta
Design: Integral Lars Müller

22,0 x 28,0 cm, 8 ¾ x 11 in
304 pages, 570 illustrations
2009, 978-3-03778-147-0, English
300,00 €