Spirale 8 (original issue, 1960)

Internationale Zeitschrift für konkrete Kunst und Gestaltung

Spirale magazine, published in 9 issue between 1953 and 1964, was a platform for young artists and documented the development of abstract and concrete art and poetry in Europe. spirale set itself apart from other magazines with its original and distinctive look and attitude and is one of the most important testimonies to the development of art in the 1950s.

spirale 8 observes and documents technical experiments with light captured in photographs. The physiographs, luminograms and oscillograms were created by Renate Biesele-Van Oyen, Bruno Eymann, René Groebli, and Peter Keetmann. The issue contains essays by Karl Gerstner, Herbert W. Franke and Ben F. Laposky and an anthology of concrete poetry compiled by Eugen Gomringer.

Edited by Marcel Wyss, Eugen Gomringer
With photographs by Renate Biesele–Van Oyen, Bruno Eymann, René Groebli, Peter Keetmann et al.
With essays by Karl Gerstner, Herbert W. Franke and Ben F. Laposky
With contributions by Carlo Belloli, Eugen Gomringer, Friedrich Achleitner et al.
Design: Marcel Wyss

35 × 35 cm, 13 ¾ × 13 ¾ in
44 pages, ca 74 illustrations
1960, Spirale No 8, German/English/Italian/Japanese/Portuguese
350,00 €