Shayari de Silva (ed.)

Geoffrey Bawa
Drawing from the Archives

The Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa (1919–2003) fused sensitivity for local context with the technological discoveries and design principles of modernism in his work. Accordingly, Bawa often incorporated materials (local stone and timber) and layouts (high roofs, cross-ventilation, vast overhangs) specific to Sri Lanka’s monsoon climate and storied architectural history – from the cave monasteries of the Anuradhapura period to the feudal Walauwa style of manor houses – into his modernist designs.

Gathering essays by scholars and writers across a multitude of disciplines – including architecture, photography, geography, urban design and art history – this volume spotlights Bawa’s exceptionally beautiful architectural drawings, delving into the central, multipronged role of the medium in his practice, from ideation to instruction to post-construction review. The anthology also explores the identity of post-independence Sri Lanka, which Bawa helped to shape – aesthetically and, less overtly, ideologically. Featuring over 200 lush drawings and photographs, many of which have never been published before, the book promises to engage both general and scholarly audiences with interests in architecture, drawing and archives.

Scheduled for 2023

Edited by Shayari de Silva
With contributions by Sean Anderson, Geoffrey Bawa, Channa Daswatte, Jyoti Dhar, Tariq Jazeel, Meghal Perera, Suhanya Raffel, Shayari de Silva, Michael Snelling, Shirley Surya
Design: Thilini Perera

19 × 26 cm, 7 ½ × 10 ¼ in
248 pages, 201 illustrations
2023, 978-3-03778-705-2, English
50,00 €