Phyllis Lambert

Observation Is a Constant That Underlies All Approaches

“My own use of the camera began in 1954 as I started to think about what a new building in New York – the Seagram building – could be. While in Rome during Easter, through the lens of a
camera I had hardly used, I began to observe the quality of buildings: how they sat on the land, their articulation, and how architectural details related to a building as a whole.” – Phyllis Lambert

This curiosity is a constant in the work of Phyllis Lambert, who has devoted her career to studying and engaging with the changing conditions of urban landscapes. In this collection of personal
photographs taken over several decades during her daily routines, her travels, or at work, observation turns into a quest to understand and reveal what might otherwise remain overlooked.

Phyllis Lambert winner of the Ada Louise Huxtable Prize 2023

Author(s): Phyllis Lambert
With photographs by Phyllis Lambert
Design: Integral Lars Müller

16,5 × 16,5 cm, 6 ½ × 6 ½
336 pages, 338 illustrations
2023, 978-3-03778-708-3, English
35,00 €