Louisa Hutton, Matthias Sauerbruch (eds.)

The New Experimenta in Heilbronn

Designed by Sauerbruch Hutton and opened in 2019, the Experimenta Science Center in Heilbronn is Germany’s largest science museum and a new landmark of the up-and-coming university city. Viewed through the lens of Heilbronn’s historical development, it appears as an agent of change heralding the emergence of a local knowledge-based society. As a construction, the building follows its own experimental path, both in organizational, structural, and ecological terms. It stands in a long tradition of spiral shaped buildings, that stretches from antiquity to modernity and contemporary times. Its transformation into a science centre expands the idea of metaphorical ascent in striking and innovative way.

This volume examines the building’s architecture from different angles. Texts by Florian Heilmeyer and numerous photographs and drawings shed light on this new concept of science centre architecture.

English edition – also available in German

Edited by Louisa Hutton, Matthias Sauerbruch
With contributions by Florian Heilmeyer
Design: Heimann + Schwantes

15 × 24 cm, 6 × 9 ½ in
128 pages, 135 illustrations
2023, 978-3-03778-722-9, English
15,00 €