With Bloom, Thomas Flechtner continues to go his own way as an artist. In his internationally acclaimed debut publication Snow, he took viewers by surprise with a compelling visual metaphysics of snow as the exploration of a psychological state. After exhibitions in London, New York, Bilbao, and Tokyo, Flechtner is now free to pursue a new passion, the unbridled color and movement of organic nature, which he examines with lyrical lightness and tremendous precision in these densely atmospheric studies of plants. As a photographer, Flechtner goes in search of the essence of nature, abandoning the ostensible safety of distance and allowing proximity and for the first time also movement.

23 x 30 cm, 9 x 11 ¾ in, 128 pages, 82 images, hardback
2007, 978-3-03778-091-6, English
Out of Print